Legends of the Brawl is 4 player co-op action, with quick play missions & shenanigans!

Combining the best parts of over the top action platformers and co-op mission games, Legends of the Brawl is multiplayer mayhem.

Grab some buddies, beat up some baddies, collect loot and occasionally punch your friends. Take out bosses to claim their powers, upgrade your legends, and create new play strategies as you grow your collection of gear and abilities.

Join the greatest legends of the 20th century to battle Rasputin’s nightmares all over the world.

4 player online co-op

4 Player online co-op

Because gaming is best with your friends. Especially when you can punch them.

skill-based play

Reflexes, not DPS

Fast action gameplay with a classic 90s platformer feel. 

craft & upgrade custom builds

Custom loadouts

Level up your heroes over multiple play sessions to access more abilities and craft the perfect build for your play style.


Devblog #2: The Music Origins and Motifs of Legends of the Brawl

Friday, February 16 2018 5:32 PM

Greetings Legends!
This week we are going to hear from Richard Hunter, who is composing the music for Legends of the Brawl! We even have a few short snippets to share with you.

He talks about influences, motifs, and how he structures his workflow.

Join us and check it all out!

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The First Entry In Our New Devblog Series: A Story About Physics And Colliders.

Thursday, February 8 2018 8:02 PM

Greetings Legends!
We have been pondering ways to bring you more frequent updates while not spoiling anything fun we have planned for you. The answer was simple: let's get everyone talking about what they're doing with some devblogs! We're going to kick it off with a quick entry from our lead programmer, Ben Marcus!

Have you ever invested hours into solving a problem that in the end didn't really need solving? Yeah, sometimes I wish I could travel back in time just to slap myself before I start down the wrong path when debugging.

The wrong path

Well here are some basics about Unity collision and physics...

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Power to the punches

Thursday, August 24 2017 10:49 AM

We've talked before about some of the character upgrade items & boosts that we have in the works.  These will take a variety of forms, and many of the positive effects will be balanced by some negative effects, and it will be up to you to figure out the best build for your play style and equipment collection.

We want these upgrades to have drama and flair, so many of them will come with unique visual effects.  You'll be able to see at a glance what upgrades your friends have, and show off your own.

Devil's Hands
Up first, the classic burning fist.  When equipped, the Devil's Hands melee upgrade will kick in once your sanity meter has reached critical level.  You'll begin taking physical damage, but will likewise deal tremendous damage while they're active.  Don't want your fists on fire anymore?  Find a way to restore your sanity, pass out, or die, whichever comes first!

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it's gonna take an army...

Join Teddy Roosevelt, Lizzie Borden, Nikola Tesla & more!

Our ultimate goal is 32+ playable legends for a ton of variety and team building strategy.

The roster will be continually expanded over time so the game stays fresh with regular updates, and community feedback will be the strongest influence over which characters are developed and in what priority.

Really want to see that Edison vs Tesla match? Vote for it!

Think Hemingway and Mark Twain would make a great team? Vote for them, let's find out!

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"Does to 3rd person arcade shooters what Epic Rap Battles of History did for rap."

— Colin W., Lead Animator, Artix Entertainment

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